About Me

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What’s in a name?


By profession, I work in the field of Organizational Development at a large multinational company headquartered in Germany.

By degree, I am a Graphic Designer, Linguist and Anthropologist.

However, I cannot classify myself as an Anthropologist OR a Linguist OR a Change Agent. I am simply a curious human being fascinated by people, the ever-changing cultures they have established and this extraordinary planet. So, I guess you can say, a mix of all of the above.

Why Globestrolling Bee?

It’s about seeking and maintaining balance in life. enoying coffee_rounded
Bees buzz tirelessly from flower to flower. A person strolling by sees this busy little bee’s flight, the heavy loads of pollen caked about its legs, it’s aerodynamic feelers guiding it to the next landing pod, its pattern as it zig zags. A stroller observes the hum of city life from a café, hands cupped around a steaming coffee while the rest rush by.

These journeys we are about to embark upon are strolls to counteract the hectic energy we as humans are so good at creating. It’s about achieving balance – still having active and potentially at times hectic lives, but recognizing when to shift down a gear, take another glance, try on a new lens, fine-tune our antennas and ask questions instead of forming assumptions about the situation / person before us.

The Adventure doesn’t end when you unpack your bags

This blog isn’t about entering into and maintaining the traveling adrenaline high. There are myriads of excellent travel blogs out there to inspire you on how to travel to a seemingly impossible number of countries in an even more absurd time frame. This blog is about unpacking that travel-worn carry on bag with the one pair of jeans you’ve been wearing the last month and your faithful towel and expanding it into a livable space you call home. This is about when your travels abroad become your new home abroad. It is something like the epilogue to the lonely planet adventure. Stopping living like a nomad does not have to mean a boring life. In the book Immediate Fiction Jerry Cleaver imparts an essential formula to writers: a good plot= obstacle + conflict. When the couple marries, the kingdom is saved and the murder mystery is solved, the story ends. There is nothing left to tell. This is not the case here. When the traveling ends, there are anthologies worth of obstacle and conflict ahead – of course fun and laughs as well 🙂 So, when you unpack your suitcase, a new story is just getting started. And that my friend, is what I am here to tell you about.

Your Bee