Culture – in a few words:

writings, musings, questions, a dialogue for me for you.
living abroad, surviving abroad, being at home abroad.
encountering cultures on the road, on the news, when you cross the street.
The language you speak, you hear, you understand.
What you feel, touch, taste, perceive,
in and around, above, below, behind and before you.

Curious to read about encounters and experiences from myself and others in working abroad at international organisations? Delve into the drop down blog category “professional buzz

Through life we fill our carry-on bags full of experiences that shape how we perceive the world. Whenever we need something to make sense on what’s going on around us, we pull something out of our bag – maybe share it with someone else, replace it with a new item, or add a completely new item to the bag. Maybe you have had the same experience as I have and in establishing your new life abroad, you eagerly unpack and unpack to fill your bag with new exotic things. Before you know it, there’s nothing familiar left from home. Starting to feel a bit like a chameleon and not exactly sure what your basic color is? In the drop down blog category the “cultural honeypot“, explore trying to get that balance right. It’s also full of humorous encounters, curious questions, and well just take a peak.

Bye for now, tschüss, hasta luego.