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Explorative Traveling: The gem experiences and disappointing dead ends

Often when reading of other traveler’s adventures, everything they do sounds exciting. Around every corner is a hidden alleyway with that perfect restaurant or an off-the-beaten-path gem of an experience. Of course it’s like this – it’s great writing! What you often don’t read about is how many dead ends it took

before discovering those gems. So, fellow explorative travelers, be relieved! You are not alone and do not give up! I feel frustrated at moments too when I look around every possible corner, thinking, “ooh this street looks interesting, there’s bound to be an awesome café brimming with locals I don’t understand and a to-die-for dish to discover!” Nope, nothing, so to satiate that hungry belly, sometimes it’s about just eating what’s there.

Here, we can learn from photography. We all have seen those timeless images that shape history and change our lives. From such photos I am inspired and humbled at the same time. What we do not see, however, are the 100s and 1000s of mundane photos it took before achieving that breakthrough shot.

So, my dear travelers, do not fret, our journeys are bound to experience some dead ends and disappointing meals. When you are trying out something new, escaping to a new town, country, continent, it’s not all AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING AWESOMENESS!!! There are also frightening, disappointing and straight out boring moments. Part of the experience is also discovering what we don’t like and how we don’t want to travel in the future. It pretty much keeps us safe and helps us laugh at anything.

Been there before?
Share in the comment section below some of your humorous dead-end experiences 🙂

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  • Lisa Russell on October 18, 2015, 02:42:41

    This is so true! My family and I arrived in Croatia for our first time with a address to a place we had booked online. Hired a taxi from the airport who had no idea where our place was and would not take my map quest detailed instructions to get there. Long story short, don’t think he could read the instructions in English, my daughter is fluent in German which he spoke, after something out of a comedy movie following, he delivered us safely. My advice is always completely check out the foreign country you are going to and this blog/website is the place to go to for a lot of this information! Hope this is helpful

    Reply to Lisa