The Biggest Challenge: Getting Started

writingAs some of you may have already seen on facebook, I originally planned my site’s go live date for two weeks ago. It was getting so close, I even had the drafts for the first posts finished, then I noticed the fine details to finish: “oh that header is all wrong, I need a gallery…I can’t go live until it’s all perfect – hey maybe I should find a checklist for beginners, don’t want to miss anything!” Sound familiar? Anyone else been through this before?

The post, the blog, the site has to be perfect, the best ever by post 1…well since that rarely happens on the first try, I’m posting now. The blog is live! It’s most likely not perfect and not “Top 10” material yet, but hey, the biggest and toughest step is STARTING! So hello, welcome, The content will continue to evolve into more humorous, more interesting adventures. However, only with your help. Dear readers, thank you. Thank you for being here and thank you for leaving comments. This site needs you and your feedback to come alive! I look forward to working, strategizing, laughing, philosophizing and daydreaming with you!

P.S. Visit my Resources section to see what videos and sites helped in getting started.